Math Team Competitions 2017-18

The Lakeside Math Team participates in a variety of different math competitions. Some are team events, others are for individuals; many take place at school, others involve travel. We encourage all mathematics students at Lakeside to give them a try! Here is the Math Team Calendar for the entire year, and here are descriptions of some of our favorites contests:

The American Math Competitions (AMC) are large national events with a long history. The AMC-10 and AMC-12 are open competitions given at the Upper School every year to a large number of Lakeside math students. We will offer the AMC-10A and AMC-12A this year to all interested students on Wednesday, February 7. Those scoring in the top 2.5% nationally on the AMC-10 and in the top 5% nationally on the AMC-12 qualify for the American Invitational Math Exam (AIME) on March 6, and those who do exceptionally well on both the AMC-12 and the AIME may qualify for the USA Math Olympiad on April 18 & 19. If you would like to do some preparation for the AMC exam, check out this page.

The Math League puts out six contests per year that we offer at school during math team meetings. Contests consist of six progressively difficult questions with a 30-minute time limit. The top five individual scores from each round are combined for our team score. Here are results from our latest round.

We are delighted to see the return of the Mandelbrot Competition this year. It consists of five rounds of individual tests, one a month from October through February. Here are results from the latest round.

Math Is Cool Regional is a mostly-team event held this year on Saturday, October 28, at Redmond High School. Teams compete in either the 9th/10th or the 11th/12th grade levels, with individual awards based on a student's current math class. Here are our results from Math Is Cool. We also qualified for the Math Is Cool Masters competition in Moses Lake. Here are our results from Masters.

The Fall Classic (old link, but still useful) is a combination of team and individual events held at Thomas Jefferson High School. Here are our results from the Fall Classic.

And here are some resources for those looking to improve their math competition skills.

Any questions? Send email to “dean <dot> ballard <at> lakesideschool <dot> org”.