2017 Mu Alpha Theta Fall Classic


The Lakeside Math Team showed up in force to this year’s Fall Classic at Thomas Jefferson High School. Left to right above are Saahil S. ’22, NhiVan T. ’21, William M. ’21, Olivia B-G. ’21, Charlie A. ’21, Ojas V. ’21, Timmy W. ’19, Carl S. ’19, Sally Z. ’21, and Philip L. ’20.

All three teams won recognition. In the 9/10 division our Team 2 (Ojas and Saahil), in spite of being staffed at only half strength, finished at a very respectable 10th place, and Team 3 (Olivia, NhiVan, Charlie, and William) won a plaque for their 5th place finish. In the 11/12 division our Team 1 (Carl, Timmy, Philip, and Sally) won the 2nd place plaque, only 3/4 of a point behind the 1st place team!

In addition to the team awards, a number of outstanding individual achievements were recognized. In 9th grade Ciphering: Ojas took 9th place, Charlie took 8th place, Saahil took 6th place and Sally took 5th place. In 11th grade Ciphering: Timmy won the 3rd place trophy, and Carl won the 1st place trophy! In 9th grade Individual: Saahil took 6th place, Charlie took 5th place, and Sally won the 3rd place trophy. In 10th grade Individual: Philip won the 1st place trophy! And finally, in 11th grade Individual: Timmy took 4th place, and Carl won the 1st place trophy!


Congratulations to all of our young mathematicians for a fine performance!